by Dan Simpson

Officially Announcing The Birth of School for the Blind

Thank goodness for my publisher, Poets Wear Prada, and good souls like Mike Northen, publisher of the online journal Wordgathering, who have done a better job than I of promoting my first book, School for the Blind. Since my twin brother Dave’s first book, The Way Love Comes to Me, published by MutualMuse Books, was born just weeks before mine, I wanted to help him launch his book first and give it some air time before I hopped in with news of mine. (After all, sixty-three years ago, he had the decency to let me go first.) But then life intervened, and the delay became longer than I had intended.

At any rate, this baby is now more than ready to move out into the world. Stay tuned for details of a book launch party and upcoming readings. In the meantime, please let me direct you to Kathi Wolfe’s review of School for the Blind in the December 2014 issue of Wordgathering. If you find yourself wanting a copy of the book, you can order on Amazon where you can read sample poems. Or, if you’d like your copy personalized, you can order it directly through me by sending a check for $12 to me at:

36 Elberon Ave.

Lansdowne, PA 19050

With Love,